2017 Cyber Monday Specials Predictions

Now that we are a few days into October, Cyber Monday 2017 is closer than you may ever have imagined. You should start planning on some of the deals to get this year for yourself or loved ones.

Finding the best Cyber Monday specials is not always easy. You can expect to come across thousands of price discounts all over the web. Rollback offers will also be in plenty.

Given the fast pace at which things move online during this day, it is likely to find an item selling out between the time you spot it, and by the time you get to add it to your cart.

·   What Can You Expect from Cyber Monday This Year?

A lot has changed in the tech industry over the last twelve months. There are better smart home devices, TVs, and phones as compared to last year.

Often, the deals begin earlier in the weekend and go on until Tuesday. You should however not wait until the last minute to make your purchase. There are very many products that run out over the weekend, or on the first day of the sale. Therefore, pull the trigger as soon as you spot what you want.

In the tech industry, some of the specials to expect this year will include:

·  iPhone X and iPhone 8 Specials

2016 cyber Monday specials work out for iPhone lovers. Some of the deals were from retailers offering credit options to BOGO deals from mobile carriers. There were also instances of certain stores tossing in freebies with each purchase while others opted to chop their asking prices. This year may also offer you that chance to get your hands on the new releases from Apple at better rates, than what they are retailing at this month.

·  Samsung Note 8 and Galaxy S8 Deals

Android users just like their iOS counterparts will also be taken care of on that day. This year Samsung has already shown that it is willing to offer killer deals on these two premium devices during their release. The same is expected to happen during the shopping weekend.

You can, therefore, expect to get discounts on the devices. Free accessories may also be thrown in with each purchase.

·  4k TV Specials

There is no better time to buy a new TV than during the Black Friday weekend. This year should not be any different from last year. Expect great deals from Samsung, Toshiba, and LG.

Great discounts will be available for both high and low-resolution televisions.

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