Prepping Your Business for Shopping On Cyber Monday 

Retailers start prepping for the Black Friday when the summer season is coming to an end. Black Friday and Cyber make up the biggest shopping weekend of any year.

To prepare for this weekend, there is a need to know about the latest trends in the market. This means you need to get a view on what forecast retail trends will be like, to allow you do your preparations properly.

· Start Planning Early—Cyber Monday Is Not Meant for the Big Players Only

If you are still unsure about whether you should be taking part in this kind of shopping frenzy—all you have to do is look at last year’s shopping numbers.

Retailers in the UK and US last year recorded spikes of more than 220% sales than they usually record on a good day. Additionally, despite the fact that all the items on sale were hugely discounted, billions of merchandise was carted away by eager shoppers.

Even though the largest online retailers were the biggest beneficiaries, it does not mean that smaller online stores were left behind.

Research has in the past indicated that many consumers start holiday shopping in October. You should, therefore begin early preparations. Start looking at holiday campaigns as soon as possible.

·  Make Use of Your Mobile Device When Shopping Online

Many brick and mortar stores have taken up digital marketing and sales hence, the name Cyber Monday. With the increase in the number of mobile devices in the market, more consumers can grab the deals that are on offer.

Mobile device usersactually account for some of the largest traffic recorded by retail stores on Cyber Monday. Retail stores are therefore tasked with coming up with a mobile-friendly checkout option. Mobile conversions are expected to be even greater in 2017.

·   Instant Gratification Option Will Come in Handy

Companies like Amazon have begun experimenting with the same-day delivery method, as well as a single click checkout system. As a result, many online customers have started to expect this type of convenience when shopping online.

As a business, you can implement a similar tactic by:

  • Make it possible for clients to check-out merchandise in the store. Achieve this by implementing mobile wallet options or single click checkout systems.
  • Provide free delivery without requiring clients to purchase a number of items, or items valued at a certain amount.

The prominent thing will be to ensure that your business has all the right systems in place. You should be ready to handle the extra traffic with no lag time being experienced by clients.

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